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We work with health and social care researchers to turn people’s stories into resources for the public and professionals.

About us

The Dipex Charity specialises in communicating health and social care research by developing websites, video and audio, providing technical support and more.

Our founders Dr Ann McPherson and Dr Andrew Herxheimer were inspired by their own experiences to develop a website to share reliable health information based on real experiences. An academic research group was established at Oxford University to develop the information and the Dipex Charity was set up to run the website. The site later became Healthtalkonline and is now called, an award-winning website that gets visited 6 million times a year.

In recent years we have expanded our focus by lending our skills and experience to numerous other research projects. See some examples of our other work or get in touch to discuss how we can help with your research impact.


What we offer

We have worked with research groups all over the world for more than a decade. We have a wealth of experience in communicating health and social care research to lay and professional audiences. We are a non-profit, so our costs are low and all of our revenue goes back into supporting projects that help millions of people.

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