We’ve been successfully disseminating qualitative research outputs to patients, the public and professionals since 2001, predominantly through our website healthtalk.org (formerly healthtalkonline.org).

We believe the public should benefit directly from research by having access to outputs from studies. There are lots of opportunities to do this in an accessible way and we have expertise in video, audio, copywriting and developing and managing websites.

We work with researchers from Universities all over the world including Oxford, Cambridge and Yale and have created more than a hundred resources that were accessed more than 7 million times in 2018.

As a charity focused on helping people, we aim to keep all outputs available beyond the end of a research project (many of our resources have outlived project funding by up to 10 years or more).

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How we help

Millions of people use our resources each year for personal and professional reasons.

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We can help disseminate your research to the public.